The Way of The Inner Warrior Goddess

Tiger Feather empowers the Inner Warrior Goddess (Notorious IWG) that resides within all women and girls.

Strong in the face of fear—grounded in self-love and compassion—Tiger Feather serves as the symbolic representation of her powerful balance.

Her presence is undeniable, her demeaner unapologetic, and her confidence speaks calmly and loudly when she enters a room. Without having to say a word.

She is the fearless protector of her energy—focusing first on love within, so she has more love to give to her family, her community and the world.

She looks within to find her compass, never giving in to her inner critic or letting others define her worth, setting her happiness and well-being as her one true north.



The 9 Activations of the Warrior Goddess

There is a power struggle in our world that historically and systematically has sought to undermine the power of women. Our goal is to break the chains
of disempowerment.

Make no mistake; just like a warrior must train for years in order to be battle ready, learning Her Way takes commitment and hard work. It takes moving past the discomfort of change. It takes getting over feelings of guilt and self-judgement. It takes moving beyond the conditioning and programming of outdated, disempowering social norms.


Use these 9 activations to guide you on your own journey to claiming your power:


I am protected.

I am protected. I am the fearless protector of my energy. I don’t sacrifice my needs or abandon myself for anyone regardless of their relationship with me. I honor myself first and protect my boundaries.



I am whole.

My relationship with myself is my most important relationship. I am whole on my own and don’t look to anyone else to be my “other half” or my “everything”. I do not wrap my identity up in others. While it’s wonderful to give, I am careful not to seek love from others by over-giving or people-pleasing.



I am wise.

More than book smart, I was born with an innate wisdom. I trust and act on my inner guidance, whether it’s in the form of a strong hunch, a quiet inner voice, or gut feeling, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time.



I am happy.

I look within to find my compass, setting my day-to-day joy, peace and well-being as my one true north. I am kind and compassionate with myself, practicing self-care and self-forgiveness. I don’t listen to my inner critic. I don’t look to others to make me happy, that’s my job.



I am worthy.

I know my worth because I place a high value on my time and attention, expending it only in situations where I am fully valued. I don’t look to others for my sense of self-worth. I don’t allow anyone to put me down or make me feel insignificant. I don’t need to be perfect in order to be worthy. I fully accept myself, perceived flaws and all.



I am love.

Self-love is my way back to divinity, back to my true Self. The best way to incorporate love in my life is to show love to myself first. The more love I give to myself, the more love I have to share with the world, and the more love I attract in my life.



I am extraordinary.

I don’t compare myself to anyone. I celebrate my unique perspectives and self-expression. While I may seek outside council from time to time, I don’t look for external validation as ultimately only I know what is right for me. I am my #1 cheerleader, praising myself for my accomplishments both big and small each day.



I am sacred.

My body, mind and soul is mine to love, care for and honor. In all my interactions, I treat myself with tenderness, love and respect first, as if I am my own best friend, parent or partner looking out for myself. How I treat myself is how I will be treated by others.



I am powerful.

I am a strong warrior and fearlessly stand up for myself. I harness my power and use it for my own benefit rather than allowing myself to be disempowered. With this power I can achieve my goals with grace and conviction. I light my own way.