Her Way


Tiger Feather empowers the Inner Warrior Goddess that resides within all women and girls.

Strong in the face of feargrounded in self-love and compassion—Tiger Feather serves as the symbolic representation of her powerful balance.

Her way is elevating, unwavering and will serve as your true north.

Make no mistake; just like a warrior must train for years in order to be battle ready, learning her way takes commitment and hard work. It takes moving past the discomfort of change. It takes getting over feelings of guilt and breaking the chains of self-judgement. It takes moving beyond the conditioning and programming of outdated, disempowering social norms.

The power you harness along your journey will leave you no doubt:

You are home.

Get to know her for yourself: These are the core tenants of the IWG:

1) She is the fearless protector of her energy, working on mastering her boundaries each day.

2) She says no when she feels like saying no without worrying about people-pleasing.

3) She knows her worth and values herself. She never lets anyone define her worth or try to devalue her.

4) She knows she is whole on her own and doesn't look to someone else to complete her or to be her "other half" or "her everything".

5) She looks within to find her compass, setting her happiness and well-being as her one true north.

6) She is her #1 cheerleader, inwardly praising herself for her accomplishments each day.

7) She places herself highest on her list of priorities and doesn't self-sacrifice or self-abandon.

8) She doesn't compare herself to anyone in any way because she knows she is unique and that her uniqueness is what makes her special.

9) She fully owns the stories of her past, knowing that by owning them, she will never hand her power over to them.

10) She doesn't look to others for any kind of validation. As long as she is happy with herself and her life, that's all that matters. She knows not everyone will like her. She knows it's not a reflection of her, as she doesn't like everyone herselfand that's OK.

11) She is financially independent and sets herself up to never have money as an unnecessary stress in her life.

12) She makes sure she tried to spend time in silence, in nature or journaling every day, tuning in to her spirit and connecting with her higher power.

13) If something or someone is making her feel bad, or even just not good, she recognizes that as her cue to stand up and fight for herself. Yes it's a battle. But that's OK because she is a warrior, ready to fight for herself because she loves herself.

14) She cares about her health and fitness. She takes care of herself, and that makes her feel good. She does it for herself, not for any external validation.

15) She is compassionate and kind with herself.

16) She doesn't allow people in her life that bring her down and don't lift her up, regardless of their relationship with her.

17) She forgives others. She doesn't hold onto anger and resentment, as she knows that the only person anger and resentment hurts is herself.

18) She knows that some relationships have an expiration date. And that's OK.


Once you meet your Inner Warrior Goddess, Tiger Feather will help you nurture her.