Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder
Sometimes I show up sort of in costume in my life. Not lying, but just not being as ME as I know I can be. Do you know what I mean?

I thought I was building this site to help you be more successful — to step into ever-greater wealth.

I thought this was about helping you go further in your career or create a business with which you could generate wealth — however small or large it may be.

All very practical and marketable. They’re even things I’m passionate about!

But here’s the deal…

That’s definitely not what I want us to be about!
Yes, I can help you be more successful, step into wealth, and learn how to create your own sellable asset, like I did. All that and more in terms of financial and business success!

But when your goal is figuring out the “how,” you lose the “why.” Being more successful in business or in your career begins with being. Not dressing up to play the part, but becoming the person.
If you’re looking for a “get rich quick” scheme, I’m not your girl.

If you’re content, feeling like you’re living your very best life, with no room for self-improvement — I’m not for you, either.

My big realization? I’m here to mentor, inspire, and lead women who sense and want MORE.

YOU’RE my people if:

👉 You’re tired of being tired. Tired of all the core pieces of your life — from jobs to kids to relationships — leaving you constantly drained and depleted.

👉 You’re ready to stop chasing a life you want that always seems to be just out of reach and start living it.

👉 You’re ready to overcome the things that have held you back, the self-limiting beliefs that you may not even realize that you have, but that are no longer serving you and your greater vision of yourself.

If you’re ready for that, this is for you!

I didn’t think I was ready to share what I found at the center of living our best lives: Self-love.

I know! I didn’t want it to be that either! I’d thought I’d much rather present some Wharton-School-Harvard-Yale high-minded-notion of the key data points you need to blah blah blah greater success in business… as a parent… in relationships… and on and on. That would feel safer! But untrue.

You see, as much as I’m a linear thinking, follow the rulebook, listen to what the experts say… kinda person, I just couldn’t deny the reality of the inner stuff.

My friends couldn’t believe it when I started to explore self-love and personal healing — that’s how committed I was to the “rational” success path.

As a friend of mine put it, “I wouldn’t even listen to this ‘woo-woo’ stuff you’re fired up about were it not for that I know you to be an extremely practical person!”

Yep. That’s me.

Practically unavoidable.

It turns out the most practical thing I’ve ever done is beginning to practice self-love. Beginning to live into that practice is what ultimately allowed me to step into financial and business success and even greater success in my personal life

I stopped leaving the wisdom of my favorite thought leaders on the pages of their books. I started practicing their wisdom in the pages of my life. When I put it into action, my life changed. I felt joyful, blissful even!

I started to simply and powerfully love me more.

I came to realize that the inner work IS the whole ballgame!

You learn how to love yourself, how to take care of yourself, how to see yourself as worthy, as valuable, as essential. Because as you learn how to do those things, the other stuff is obvious. Shocking, right? Also, really freaking cool and incredibly powerful!

Your love is your power — the power to unleash your life.

The tools you need are hardwired into you already. Literally, built into your body. You’re a walking compass directing your every thought, word, and deed toward living YOUR best life. Success in all things lives inside you.

Helping you see, feel, and realize that for yourself is my purpose. That’s what emerges when I set aside any costume and show up fully.

If you’re IN for that journey — and you want a fierce/powerful/supportive community of like-minded people — welcome! I’m committed to creating that experience for you and your tribe. We’re about THAT life, that growth, that success.

Living into something deeper, feeling even better  THAT’s what I’m really about.

Costumes aren’t for us anymore. So, let’s get real.

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